Firmware Problems?


Do you have to load different firmware for control via iPad or computer?
in my quick testing the firmware the is compatible with the Makeblock iOS app doesn’t appear to be compatible with the mBlock 5 Mac app?

If I load the firmware that is compatible with Makeblock iOS then I can’t load files from Mac. When I upload from mac it says that is was sucessful, but none of the funcitons I’ve loaded work. Same problem as here: Live mode works, Upload doesn’t

The test script is very simple, just play a sound when A button is pressed. Nothing happens when I press the A button, even though the upload says it was successful.
If I go to the 23.01.010 firmware then it works, but not the Makeblock App firmware.


Hello ChrisMake,
Actually this is normal case.

I am sincerely sorry for the issue caused. ​For mobile devices, we have Makeblock App and mBlock App. For mBlock App, we need to use the latest firmware; For Makeblock App, we need the specific one (compatible with Makeblock App).
For PC mBlock 5, we also need the latest firmware.
By the way, the Codey Rocky latest firmware is 23.01.011


So will you be fixing this so one firmware can work with both? We want to be able to easily switch between the tablet and computer.


The exact solution is not decided yet. But we will fix the problem for users.


Hallo, wich Firmware ist for iPad and wich for Windows PC?
Firmware is not available in the PC Software 5.1.
Please fix the problem finally


For your question, mobile mBlock App and PC-mBlock 5.1 requires latest firmware 23.01.011. You can update it in the mBlock 5.1 software.

Mobile Makeblock App uses firmware


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