Live mode works, Upload doesn't


New user here so it might be something stupid.

If I switch into Live mode, the bot does exactly what my program tells it to.

If I go into Upload mode, the bot does absolutely nothing at all. Upload shows success, but it simply doesn’t work. Turning it on and off doesn’t help. Firmwares 23.01.006 vs 23.01.010 have no difference. Using the web app with mLink and the downloaded mBlock app make no difference.

This is using the example program from the documentation (on shake, say hello). I’ve also tried a bunch of other things that should work: for instance, on startup, play a sound. Absolutely nothing in Upload mode.

Firmware Problems?

Hi, you can send me your program screenshot for checking. And if you test the program while plugging out the USB cable, maybe the low battery led to failure.


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