Firmware Java error


I’m getting the following error after the firmware is updated. Screenshot%202021-05-18%20100154


This message keeps poping up ever time I click on the software app. it will no longer open the software program.


any help???


Support can be a little slow in responding on this forum at times

Using the search facility could lead to some useful input meantime:


delete laserbox software before installing 1.1.3


If I delete the software, then how do I do the update within the software if I delete it before the update??


Download the updated version from the Makeblock website


Hi crio, there are two ways to fix it:

  1. Uninstall the Laserbox software, download and install the latest version on the D disk(or any other disk which the Windows OS is not on). Download link:
  2. Right mouse button click on the Laserbox software, and choose “Run as Administrator”, once and for all.


the update is a full program.


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