Makeblock Laserbox Update Error


Good Evening,

I have just run the update for the Laserbox program and am now getting this error message:


Please help


Is there going to be a reply to this? Do i risk also updating and have a fail to load error?


I had the same. Manually uninstalled the old version and installed the new one worked for me. Except for the version number in the version dialogue, there it only shows “}” as latest vesion I have. ^^


Thank you, I did the same by chance. Downloaded the whole program and then installed. Was there an updated features list?


No I didn’t see an updated featured list


Tech support if you are reading this, please issue a features update or add a changelog to your software updates so users have a clear understanding of what has changed and can offer suggestions if things do not work as planned. Your customer base is your best friend!




good luck with that!


Hello, sorry for the late reply. Below is the detail of the update:

What’s new:
Added Russian, German, Czech, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Added device selection interface, showing laserbox pro and laserbox basic.
Support for outline extraction after extracting the image.
Optimized the device connection process and adjusted the UI interface for USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi connections.
Fix the problem that custom material cannot record historical parameters.


Awesome, thank you very much. :slight_smile:

I may have missed a topic on it, but would like a pinned topic on the laserbox software that we can add as a wish list for the developers to trawl through and choose what they think would enhance the product further. I am all for growing the customer base and the community as it helps everyone.

Many thanks again tech_support team.


Hi @tech_support, any chance of fixing the JavaScript Error that occurs after updating to version 1.0.8 from 1.0.7? I always have to tell people to uninstall version 1.0.7 and reinstall 1.0.8 to make it work. Would be great if the update would also work without manually uninstalling version 1.0.7.


Hi eigermaker, it is believed that 1.0.7 has some error with the update function and we fixed it in 1.0.8. So as the update function is confirmed to be of some problem, you will need to update it to 1.0.8 manually by uninstall 1.0.7 and install 1.0.8:sweat_smile:


Ok, so it maybe would be important to mention this during the installation procedure?


More likely, need to wait until its confirmed by more than just 3 people here. It has to be replicated and smart people own lasers so worked it out for themselves. Rest assured if we share information it is being read. You just might not receive a personal email stating as such. Just keep finding and sharing!

I am sure our tech support friends are doing more than just Laserbox support!
At least this is how I view it.

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Please delete the 107 software 1st!! before installing 108

Hope this helps

Mery Christmas !


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