Firmware does not work at all


I am having a hard time getting my Ultimate Robot 2.0 to work. Every time I update the firmware, my robot doesn’t move and the system keeps prompting me to constantly update the firmware constantly. After 30 updates, nothing happens. If anyone can help, that would be great because this is really ruining my experience with the robot.


The update is a glitch. Just ignore the update thing. Also, what is your code? You have to upload your code to it again after updating…


Try completely re flashing the program on the controller:
Download the ARDUINO IDE
Get the Mbot robot library,
And try refreshing it with the correct software.
I will provide more steps later…


Also, what OS are you using? I think mBlock for Windows is having some trouble right now. :confused: You can always try mLink and

@V205 Also has some good suggestions.