Explanation for Condition Block


I tried to make a condition block but i cant get it to add the code inside.
I tried \ * {BRANCH} * \ and \ * {$BRANCH} * \ both seem not to work. What command do i need?


Try /{BRANCH}/.


I tried / * {BRANCH * / as well as / * {$BRANCH * /
While / * {$BRANCH * / seems to be correct (no error message) there is no code added when i put something inside.


No, it is /{BRANCH}/ instead of /{BRANCH/.


also doesnt work


Please put it in a zip file and upload it. I will confirm the problem.


Upload the extension file in a zip folder. I will confirm the problem.


elgo_smartv3(18).zip (288.9 KB)

Sorry i was unavailable for a day


What is the type of value you want to add? Is it boolean type?


you need to change BRANCH -> BRANCH1


I’m sorry, I’m reading your text with automatic translation, so it doesn’t make sense to me.
By the way, this document may be helpful.