Explanation for Condition Block


I tried to make a condition block but i cant get it to add the code inside.
I tried \ * {BRANCH} * \ and \ * {$BRANCH} * \ both seem not to work. What command do i need?


Try /{BRANCH}/.


I tried / * {BRANCH * / as well as / * {$BRANCH * /
While / * {$BRANCH * / seems to be correct (no error message) there is no code added when i put something inside.


No, it is /{BRANCH}/ instead of /{BRANCH/.


also doesnt work


Please put it in a zip file and upload it. I will confirm the problem.


Upload the extension file in a zip folder. I will confirm the problem.


elgo_smartv3(18).zip (288.9 KB)

Sorry i was unavailable for a day


What is the type of value you want to add? Is it boolean type?


you need to change BRANCH -> BRANCH1


I’m sorry, I’m reading your text with automatic translation, so it doesn’t make sense to me.
By the way, this document may be helpful.


The problem is the same. (forever block). and not used (conditional block).

my problem. link


my dear friend.
I solved it.
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What condition block do you want to make? If you don’t know it, you can’t make it.


try to remove “*” in your /{BRANCH}/
dai5_jp said you /[BRANCH}/, not /{BRANCH}/
I didn’t did that so it can be false, don’t take my answer for the right answer
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my dear friend.

my picture answers. the last picture.

to loop.



/ {$ BRANCH1} /