Orjinal forever not working


sharing my project was short. but it doesn’t work forever.
my loop1 doesn’t work.
for my project.

Explanation for Condition Block


Did you try to uncheck the “Default transcoding for scripts in combination with the block” and see if it works? Please let me know whether that will solve the issue.




(forever default mblok )default block forever block.but doesn’t write code.



Could you please upload your extension there so we could take a look inside? This will solve the problem more effectively. Thanks




firebase.zip (89.4 KB)

conditional mblok How to use. Do you have user manual?

The sort that should be in the picture


my dear friend.
I solved it.
narration in painting.

loop:/{$BRANCH1}/ yazmalısınız. kendi soruma kendim cevap veriyorum :slight_smile: