Dead airblock


I have about 6 airblocks.

Today I went to plug in the battery to two of them and they are completely dead, unresponsive! There is no reset feature or anything, is there any way to troubleshoot them?

They have barely been used, perhaps a total of 10 minutes of safe hovercrafting…


Hi penlidtim,

Do you mean all the 6 airblocks work at beginning, then two of them stop working?
Since you have multiple airblocks, could you help test the issue is on the battery, battery charger or the main control modules of the two issue airblock?

If the issue is that totally no led lit up on the two main control modules when plug in the fully charged battery (no matter which battery). Could you check if its Bluetooth still can be detected by the Makeblock APP.Here is a post for this issue with solutions to you for reference.


Hello, unfortunately I wasn’t able to try out your suggesting as they had been sent back already for a replacement. We now have two new ones and they’re all working again.