Copy Blocks from one device to another (eg Arduino Mega to Uno)



Does anyone know if you can copy mblock code from one type of device to a different type of device in mblock?. In my case Im trying to compile mblock on an Arduino Uno, which Ive currently got in mblock compiling on a Mega.

I’ve tried the copy/paste, drag/drop and import/export variations on this for copying from sprites to sprites, ad duplicating a device type. These don’t seem to work in the case where the types of Arduino are different.

Thankyou! Chris


Hi poundlane,
Actually I’m not sure about your request.
Arduino Uno is supported in mBlock5.
You can use the blocks directly, why you need to copy from other device?


Hi, I developed the code for a mega device, in mblock. I now want to compile and run the same code on a Uno. This is because it’s a smaller unit. The program is about 40 or 50 blocks, so I don’t want to re-enter the code on an added Uno device from scratch, I want to add the Uno device and copy the blocks over from the mega device blocks…hope that makes sense!



To make it clear…I’m talking about ‘device’ in mblock terms and not in the physical sense. So if I have one Uno device and one mega device…how do I copy blocks between those devices in the mblocks ide?


I think that I might understand what you want to do. You have some code you have written for 1 device and you want to copy that code to another device.

Answer is there doesn’t seem to be a clip board you can copy it on to then off from. The way I have done this is I take a picture of my code with my phone then build it again on the new device or program. I did make a suggestion in mblock5 about a clip board being added so that you can copy and paste between programs and devices.


Agree with OooB, this drove me nuts too - I suspect it’s because some blocks aren’t supported in all devices, so it was just too complicated a coding task. Very annoying when you have a decent sized program.
Another thread here: Hi how do i copy and paste - Chuck says something about creating a template program - not sure if that’s relevant or not, I got frustrated and just re-entered the code block by block


@OutoftheBOTS, @MurrayElliot, Thanks for the insights. Yes, I too have a significant (50+block lines) of code to ‘port’ to another Arduino model. I might raise this as a feature ask, as you can see with Live and Upload modes there is ‘block sensitivity’ to what works in a given configuration…for now I’ll get reblocking! You never know I m ight clean up my awful code in the process! :wink:
Cheers guys


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