Confirm MegaPi PWM pins


I need to run 9 DC motors. Ports 1 - 4 look after eight, so I need to include one more stepper driver for the final motor.

Aside from the pins used for Ports 1 -4, are there any other PWM pins available?


You can parallel 2 motors in one port if these 2 motors’ gear speed are same


No, I need to control each motor independently, so I’m thinking about adding another motor carrier which is why I need another PWM pin for speed control. I’m thinking of using D10 from the high power output, which looks to be a PWM pin in the schematic, but I’m worried that the high current may damage the carrier.


There is no more PWM pin in MegaPi,even if it has,you still need a motor diver then you can use if you want to use 9 motors,the only way is parallel connection with one motor.


I do not want motors in parallel.

This schematic indicates that the left hand Power MOS is controlled by D10. Sheet 1 of the Megapi seems to show that D10 is a PWM pin.
Is that correct? Could I not use that to control half of a stepper controller and drive another DC motor?


Yes,D10 is PWM pin,if you want to use this to connect another motor,you need to connect with a DC motor driver and use a separate battery to power for the extra motor.

By the way,you need to compile the code for the extra motor driver and DC motor then you can use it.


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