Coding use block for makeblock utimate 2.0 robotic arm


I am having an issues coding the makeblock 2.0 ultimate robotic arm tank. The pc version of software only has 10 block motion commands and I need more block commands to code the clamp of the robot . In addition, I can only connect the robot via usb port when using the pC version coding software and that limits the mobility of the robot significantly. The app for the apple ipad connects to the robot via blue tooth however, the block commands do not appear when you press play. Also, the Ipad version also only has 10 block motion commands. Can anyone please advise on how more block commands can be obtained to program the robot and how the app for ipad can be used to program the robot using block command


1.Actually you can connect with your robot with PC via Bluetooth as well,if cannot,you may need to use a Bluetooth dongle to connect it,this dongle is for Bluetooth 4.0,before use this dongle,you need to double check if Bluetooth in your robot is Bluetooth 4.0.
2.we had mblock app for mobile phone,you can install this app to your phone and programming to control your robot.
3.after you connected your robot with mBlock,you can add some extension blocks.I added “MelnterCMT” and “MakerPlatform” for you reference.


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