Code for Ultimate Line Follower searched


I tried to make a robot from the Ultimate 2.0 kit to follow a line, but couldn’t find a way. I tried several codes shown from users on the net, especially mbot codes, but none of them worked. I’m a beginner and hooked on having an example to get along. I read, that the reason could be the difference of the boards, but that says nothing to me till now. I was assuming, that a code for a mbot runs on a ultimate robot as well.
And when it’s so, where can I find a documentation differences between the programs.
Has anyone a code to try what I’m planing.


I have created lots of line followers on a lot of different platform and have ahd a little play with line following on the Makeblock platform.

What I have discovered about makeblock platform is that live mode is quite slow at executing your code. Line following requires a fast feed back loop i.e check the sensor then adjust motor to suit. Live mode is too slow to make line following work. Something like this will work in upload mode

You may need to to some tuning of the line following program. First thing to always do is slow the motor speeds down and achieve a success at a slow speed then you can play with what happens when you increase speed or change how tight the robot turns when it is going off the line.


To follow up on what Shane said above, the thickness of the line can make a big difference on how well the sensors follow the line (this can be improved by using a sensor with more detectors)


Hi soldberg,
Here is the details about the Me line follower you mentioned.
Please have a check and hope it will work to you.


I’ve been trying a lot with the linefollowing sensor. Now I have found that the megapi Pro (board of the Ultimate kit) is just too slow for line following. It’s the same with the ultrasonic sensor. It takes seconds until the robot detects that the sensor value is low and it should turn. I haven’t seen a line follower that was realized with the megapi and ran properly. I would be happy if someone could prove me wrong!


when you use live mode then there is a big delay. I only use upload mode then you don’t have this problem


live mode is super slow but even in uploadmode megapi is slow too.


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