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I’d like to use mBlock to teach my kids to program several devices. Those devices can be connected and controlled by Bluetooth. Unfortunately, I didn’t figure out yet how to do this with mBlock. I already tried mBlock 5.0 GA, RC3 and the Bluetooth version on my Mac, but I don’t get it to work. Bluetooth in the connection screen is only “offered” when I select the mBot or mBot Ranger. My devices are shown there, but when I click on connect, it says “Connection Error. Please try again”. It seems that the current/latest version of mBlock only supports the mBot as a Bluetooth device.

Is there any chance to connect any other device and just send and receive commands/data by Bluetooth?

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You’d need to have compatible “firmware” installed on each of the devices. The “firmware” is the initial program that accepts commands over a serial connection (Bluetooth, USB Cable, WiFi) and executes those commands. There is also the hassle of getting the Scratch blocks set up to work with each device.

@tech_support can likely shed more details or at least point you in the right directions. :slight_smile:


Hi Tom,

  1. You are suggested to install the latest version 5.0.1;
  2. Here is post for connecting Bluetooth with PC built-in Bluetooth Adapter. Only work for mBot and Ranger.
  3. The Bluetooth module is designed for mobile Apps, for computer mBlock, you are suggested to use Makeblock Bluetooth dongle.



thanks a lot. I actually want to connect and control a MiPosaur ( They have published several SDKs, one ist based on BLE Bluetooth (

It seems that this is not yet supported from your side, if I understand your feedback correctly (only mBot and Ranger is supported). Is there any possibility to control devices such as the MiPosaur?

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Uh, I am afraid I have no idea of that as it is non Makeblock device.


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