Arduino.mext File


Hi there!

I downloaded the Arduino Device extension on my computer but I can’t find the Arduino.mext file, I would need to use it to understand how to create an extension. Where can I find it?




Hi Luca, import as well as download is the path where your browser put the downloaded files. You can check the settings and find it among the download lists


I imported file but I can’t find mext file in software folder…could you give me a path?


Hi Luca, it’s not in the folder of the mBlock 5, but it’s the download path folder of your browser, I don’t know yours but you can download something from your browser to locate


I download It from mBlock software not from browser


It’s a little weird cause mext files can only be imported from website. The only thing you can import/download from mBlock 5 desktop software is your program in .mblock file and character in .sprite. Can you record a video and send to so that we can see?


Maybe I explained myself wrong, I would like to use the arduino .mext file to modify it and create an extension for another arduino based device. Where can I get the original arduino mext files?


Hi Luca, it’s not possible to import the .mext file of the devices. You can only import your own extensions. However, if you need the .mext file, you can tell us which Arduino device exactly so that we can send to you


Hi! That would be perfect, I use Arduino UNO and Arduino Leonardo



Hi! That would be perfect, I use Arduino UNO and Arduino Leonardo



Hi, could you send me the file that I asked?


Hi Luca, please check the file in the attachment:
Mext (411.4 KB)


thank you very much!
I would like to add a library #include <LiquidCrystal_I2C.h> how can i make it load when i add the block? do you have any documentation?


Hi Luca, I think this link could be helpful, please check:


Perfect thanks! Did you have the file for work with micro:bit?


Hi Luca, check this (410.7 KB)


Thanks! :slight_smile:

can i set atuomatic update of your libraries for arduino and microbit?

For example in Arduino extension under Operators the equal block inserts in the code “===” instead of “==” and the compiler generates an error. Since I can’t edit that part of the extension because I don’t see it I’ve rebuilt the block but I was wondering if they update in automatics.


Do you have any .mex file for raspberry pico?


Sorry we don’t have this. Also, the error “===” instead of “==” was fixed last week.


I see! thanks

Last please, can you send me the mext file for Arduino Nano?