AirBlock stop working


Hi, I bought AirBlock from Kickstarter. It arrived on May 2017 and my son (and hid granpa) played a lot with it :slight_smile:
Now, after a period that they don’t use it, Airblock is not powering up (no green green red on battery insertion).
I tried to leave battery packs (2) connected on power source to fully refill them but nothing change.
I also verified battery connections and whatelse…

Any suggestions?


Hi Ferrruccio,

Are the lights on the main control module lit up white when you plug the fully charged battery into it? Or there is totally no light no matter which battery plug in?
The lights will lit up green-green-red only when the Airblock Bluetooth connected to a mobile device.


Hi, no lights at all. no White, No green-green-red…


Though there is no led lit up, could you please check if the airblock bluetooth still can be detected and connected?
If it is, please refer to this post to upgrade firmware for the Airblock have a try.
Please kindly update your Makeblock APP to the latest version.


Bluetooth is not detected and I cannot connect to Airblock. This evening (GMT+1) I’ll try again. In case, I tried updating firmware and makeblock app.


HI, Airblock Bluetooth is not detected (and connected).
After timeout, message on Makeblock app is “Synchronization fails, the firmware can’t identify. Please select you device model”.
If I select Airblock, next message is “Update fail”.
Makeblock App is already at the latest version available and we tried from two different Android smartphones.
Any tips?


Hi Ferrruccio,

Do you mean the Bluetooth can be automatically connected to Makeblock APP when put the mobile device close to the Airblock?
If it is, the problem should be on the firmware.
Do you have a IOS device have a try to upgrade firmware for it? Please keep the mobile device close to the airblock while updating firmware in case the Bluetooth connection loose.
If it is possible, please kindly take a video to show your operation (connecting Bluetooth, upgrade firmware) and the phenomenon of the issue once still upload failed.


No, Airblock Bluetooth cannot be detected and cannot be connected.
I don’t have an IOS device.


Hi Ferrruccio,

May we have a video chat to check the issue on the Airblock? My Skype account is, we are available from 9:00~18:30,China time, please kindly let me know your available time.


give me 90 minutes far from now


Hi Ferrruccio,
No problem!


Everything works as a charm. Thanks a lot for your exceptional support!


kindly share how did it work?


Simply update Airblock firmware.
With updated app, plugin battery in airblock.
Then press bluetooth button (on left-high screen corner).
Wait for update… and That’s all!