XY plotter Spray


I would like to modify the XY plotter in order to conduct a Spray Nozzle. To do that I need to control two relays additionaly that switch the valves of the spray.
I was reading through some posts and think it should be possible to map two of the spare MePorts (4,5) on the Orion to give a 5V High/Low output when the board receives the corresponding MCode command. I’ve been trying to understand the code but I could not find such a switch implementation in the libraries. Also I’m having a hard time to find the MeOrion documentation which would tell me something like
pinMode(Port4, OUTPUT)
digitalWrite(Port4, HIGH)
All links refering to www.makeblock.cc/ don’t seem to work.
Also I think I’m missing something very obvious :smiley:
Could sb maybe provide a working link and/or help me out with some advice?
Big thanks in advance!


Solved it.


Glad to hear that. If you have question, you may refer to below link to search information:http://learn.makeblock.com/en/xy-plotter-robot-kit/


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