Xtool D1 10W laser path


I’m new to laser engraving. I’ve had my Xtool D1 10W for about a week and it’s getting me frustrated. I downloaded the firmware, lightburn and laser box basic. When it’s time to engrave simple things I get squiggly lines or straight line. After tinkering with speed and power…shapes are starting to take form but nothing close to what it’s supposed to look like. The worst part for me are words. The letters are coming out nicely…the problem is that it engraves over letters in the same spot.


Is the laser software or the laser printer the problem? You can use the xTool support page, maybe it will help.

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HI All,

We are resellers for Xtool D1 laser machines in South Africa. We wanted to know how your support is with makeblock / Xtool?

For us its been terrible to say the least.

We currently sit with an issue where we need to replace a controller.

They replied to say they don’t sell controllers for the Xtool D1. How do you support resellers or clients?

Let me know your thoughts…

Neotronics SA


Maybe you could privately message or email an official makeblock account about your problem; they could help you most.
Official accounts are @tech_support, @makeblock.lindingxin, @makeblock123, @indream, and many others.
Tech_support’s official emails are:
stephanie.wu@makeblock.com (personal)
support@makeblock.com (website)

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