Works in live mode but does not update firmware



mBot works fine in live mode. The firmware appears to be updating, but not (neither mblock 3 nor mblock 5). It appears to upload in upload mode but does not upload again.

Can you help me?


Hi, can you please send the program you uploaded?



  1. nice running program in live mode

  2. Program not running in upload mode.

  3. Installation successful

  4. But it doesn’t work.

  5. When I upload it to the other mbot, it works fine.


What do I do? Neither of you did not answer your distributor in Turkey.

  1. Can I change my mCore card?
  2. Should I remove the Atmel microprocessor and install a new integrated?


Sorry for the delay.
Would you please try to Update firmware before uploading?


in mblock 3 and mblock 5, I have done it many times. Same results. Up to the same results


OK, you are suggested to contact your seller for a replacement if you are not out of warranty.
I think your mainboard has some problems.


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