Wire i2c communicaction Orion and MegaPi


Hi support and :robot:

I have an orion and a megapi boards connected thru I2C. I am looking for the blocks in mBlock to make these boards to talk to each other, but the only extensions I´ve found are related to LCD-I2C.

Is there a way to communicate both boards using mBlock programming?

My project is that the Orion board has several sensors connected, and I want that the megapi asks to the Orion the sensors values thru I2C. Can this be done using mBlock 3?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Kike,
Sorry for the late, here I have anexample on Auriga and MegaPi board, you may have a reference.


Will it work with megapi pro?



Hi ProfessorHu,

It is for auriga and megapi, Megapi pro is a different mainboard, but I think it can be reference to you if have similar project with megapi pro.