Will there be a software upgrade anytime soon


Hi just wanted to know if there was going to be a software upgrade for the Laserbox coming?


Thanks for your supporting on our laserbox,I don’t have any news on software updates right now,our latest software for laserbox is V1.0.7,do you have any suggestions for the software should to be updated?


we will be release new version for laserbox software in November,pls note on that.


Thank you for the information. My Laserbox software did show me a new upgrade 1.0.7 even if I thought I already had 1.0.7 running. Is there a change log for the versions?


You can go setting-help-check for updating to check your software version,if there is a update behavior,it must be updating your software or firmware,but won’t V1.0.7 to V1.0.7,pls note.


That was the version I was running