Will not laser 10mm


I MEASURED THE WOOD,manually and by the laser box it measures the wood correctly 10.5mm
But when i start the engraving of the wood, the laser does not go to the correct height to start the job i.e it goes back to the 3mm position and just crashes into the wood.
Software firmware are the latest.


Hello Pat,
I’m curious about your experience now. Is it fixed and cutting happily?


Hi pat62,

Sorry to hear about the issue.
May I know is this issue solved now? Sorry for the late response since we just get back from May Day holiday.

You may also try this way and see if the same situation:
Since you have manually measures the wood as 10.5mm, you may add this material to the material list by typing in the correct thickness have a try. And then choose the material directly without measuring through machine have a check.



This has only happened since your software update that i have to save the measurements


Hi Pat62,

The other good news is that this issue has been fixed if you update the software and firmware to latest version. Software is v1.1.3 and device firmware is start with 023.


hi all update software 113 firmware 023
sorry to say the issues are the same ?


Hi pat62,

Sorry I just tested again with software 1.1.3 and firwmare 023, it does still exist. Previously, it does works after I update to latest firmware, it might just happen by accident.

I have reported this issue to our RD engineers for optimizing. Thanks for your feedback.


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