Wifi Diagnostics


I’m trying to use the IoT library to connect to wifi. Codey isn’t confirming the connection.
I’ve double checked the SSID and the password are correct.

Here’s the sketch:

Is there any way to view diagnostics so I can check what’s going wrong?


Hi ChrisMake,

I have reproduced your program and it works perfectly.
Maybe put Codey’s Firmware level ???

However, you gave me a good idea.
I will propose an extension debug for Makeblock, it will help everyone.

Good luck.

PS Trying to use mBlock from a laptop with WIFI, you will be able to select the WIKI instead of registering it. There may be an error in the SSID ???


The only wifi block I see requires you to type in the SSID manually. Where do I find one where you select the SSID?



Hi ChrisMake,

This is quite uncomfortable, I have a desktop on which developed and I had to unplug my network cable in order to use my WIFI card. So I try and I can not find the feature.


  1. I am crazy
  2. It was in another version
  3. I’m crazy and I should have tested before writing to keep the little credibility I have left


I think software makes us all crazy sometimes.
Looking at the help documentation I think it might have been like you described it in the past: http://docs.makeblock.com/codeyrocky/en/tutorials/iot.html


That’s what I thought … the image shows a drop-down list and not a free field. It was necessary to be in WIFI and not on a LAN network.

Let’s say the free field is an improvement but I was not so crazy.


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