Wifi Block firmware update


Dear all,

I try to update Wifi Block firmware update, but after that, I can not connect wifi block everytime.

I think the firmware update was failed. So what should I do to make things correct?



Dear Sakanadone,

I had the same problem a few months ago. It took a few weeks to correct except that I had two WIFI blocks.

  • You must connect with a PC that has a WIFI card;
  • Take FTP software for FileZilla (connect in the WIFI block);
  • Destroy the directory that Makeblock is going to indicate;
  • Upload the directory that MakeBlock will send;

Otherwise, I can indicate how to fix the block, if it’s too long with makeBlock.


Dear Crackel,

Thank you for your advice.

I have PC with WIFI and FTP. But I don’t know the last two directories that you said.

Please teach me how to fix the WIFI block.


I have the procedure and files compress but I would like to wait for the diagnosis of Makeblock not to put you in trouble. Makeblock engineers send me the procedure and file wifi file missing recovery.7z that I can send you.

Important, put the directory at the root of your HD because the path is very long and there are Chinese characters. It must be certain that the entire archive is well decompressed.

Then, the block will refurbish and make the update


Dear All,

I fixed my WIFI block. Thank you Crackel and Makeblock!!



I was going to send the directory for the repair.
Happy to see that everything is functional.

If there is a problem, I remain available.




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