WiFi AVR Programmer


Hi all,

Just noticed on Amazon Prime that PetuniaTech has their WiFi AVR Programmer for Arduino (link) available for about $10USD. This add-on provides the ability to upload programs to Arduino boards over WiFi. This may provide a nice solution for all of the requests for this sort of thing.




Chuck, Would this work to communicate mbot commands from the Makeblock Scratch program to the arduino board on the robot? Or just upload new programs to that arduino board? Any way of using Wifi instead of Bluetooth or 2.4G Serial to send commands to the mbot? Thanks for bringing this new unit to our attention! efrank03


Hi Eric,

I’m not sure yet as mine has not arrived. My understanding is that this is a WiFi dongle that has the avrdude programmer on it so you should in theory (where everything works) be able to use standard WiFi. I would caution that in a classroom setting that the WiFI direct dongle provided with the Makeblock is better suited if the students are running their applications through mBlock. One can only imagine the challenges of running 20 of these at a time…