Why is the "When Orion starts up" block not allowed Live mode?


I have started using mBlock 5.4.3 on Apple Mac with Orion board. The firmware is updated (0a.01.106). I have been working with the IR Receiver. I notice that when I connect the device, the Event “When Orion Starts Up” and the Sensing “IR receiver value” blocks are both grayed out. I can successfully upload, disconnect, and use the program as intended. However, I can’t easily test logic.

Can someone explain why certain blocks cannot be used in Live mode?

For reference, I am attaching a screen shot of the block code and the Arduino code.



@celderkin Some blocks are not allowed in mBlock 5 because the developers of the device or extension did not provide a live mode option. (Likely because it was too hard to do or impractical.) For the particular block, try “when Green Flag clicked” instead. (Click the flag on the stage to run). It doesn’t work in upload mode, though, so you’ll have to switch between them.


Thank you Best_codes. That makes sense. Just trying to get used to the quirks!


No problem! @celderkin Mention me as @Best_codes if you need help with anything else!


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