Who wants to work together to create a comprehensive guidebook for mBlock?


I am very interested in making mBot work smoothly.
Where do I find the latest information and tasks needed from this group?

I am open to starting a new website for ideas or solutions.
I am also open to hiring an engineer/coder to bring this ship forward if the Company responds to my requests.

I have offered to pick up mBot as a distributor in the US and put in place real support. Has anyone actually talked to the company?

Please email at steve@collegeofrobotics.org to discuss possible steps.
Steve Taylor


What we’re doing here has nothing to do with hardware or software directly, and is simply documentation. It’s a non-profit project and is being developed simply for the purposes or new users.
Makeblock has very little documentation out at the moment, so we’re trying to fill that gap. You’d have to contact them yourself if you want to be a distributor… we have no affiliation in that respect.


Have we go anything started other than the few samples of code, if so can you post a link for us to work on.
If not, I’d suggest either a google doc or O365 to develop the guidebook for the mBlock.
I’m about to start a series of Tutorials and Workshops for the MakeBlock mBots up to an including the Ultimate Robot. It will start as a series of STEM related worksheets that a teacher could use in a STEM related Project Based Learning environment. I’m a firm believer in fundamentals first so it needs to start with basic robotic and coding exercises that have built in extensions so that as users become familiar with the concepts if they finish early they have a extension to test their understanding and further their problem solving skills which is fundamental to the STEM movement.
After an initial set of basic general robotic/coding exercises, move to more concept exercises that will challenge users understanding of what they have learnt applying it in a different way and developing their coding and problem solving skills.

  1. Sequential problems - simple set wise problems, move in a square
  2. Introduce Loops - Repeat a sequence.
  3. Introduce decisions using sensors - stop when surface gets darker
  4. Introduce Variables - Change on value to change many within the program
  5. Introduce Incrimination - Do something over and over but with variation
  6. Introduce Arrays - Complex storage of data or using arrays in their many and variaed ways to enhance robots functions.
  7. Line Following - basic single sensor, 2 Sensor, 3 Sensor, Proportional, PID


Oops- I’ve been extremely inactive here. Sorry to everyone who was interested.

We still have the org over at GitHub, so if you still have an incentive to work on this project, let me know as we can definitely regroup if anyone is still interested. Reading my old replies is making me uncomfortable, as I’ve matured a bit since then, lol. :slight_smile: Apologies if any of my writing was colluded.



I am interested cause I want to conduct a workshop for kids. I would love to test out ideas here.


I used to develop online courses until I retired but I would be willing to help. Bought my 10 year old granddaughter one of these and she got frustrated (as did I) at the lack of decent info. Something as simple as going back into mBlock to uncheck the com port so the bot would run on its own. Yet, it wasn’t obvious anywhere.



Hi, @y2kdaddio and @3dTayo,
It definitely seems like there’s a withstanding need for some sort of wiki or manual for mBlock, though organizing a group to physically put this together will take time and work. I plan to host some sort of mediawiki or a similar alternative on a github.io domain for the time being. I’ll link the GitHub repository here once I find the time. Perhaps then we’ll be able to pave forward with in-depth articles and troubleshooting tutorials. :slight_smile:

I’ll be rewriting the top post with a bit more information- this webpage has been seen over 2,500 times! How exiting.


EDIT: It appears that the post has become uneditable due to the amount of time that has passed, which is a shame. If interest holds, I’ll create a new thread.




Hi all, I have announced a kind of publication two years ago, and it finally arrived!
machinebrein.nl. Thats “machinebrain” as you guessed.
The book starts with a prologue telling about what a computer is, does and is able to. It contains 32 lessons, the first half Scratch (introducing the programming-concepts), the second mBlock.
It’s in Dutch only. If it is successful and the distribution is doable, i could translate it into english.

Check it out!
Albert Epping


I would like to be helpful.


Thank you for the generous answer and helping us.
Best Regards
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Just to add to spawners info, you can use the tentacles to jump up onto them to then pickaxe them faster which also saves ammo, also the fiends can’t reach you


My friends and I got M-bots for our kids for X-mas. The Dads have been playing with them also and my buddy did this https://github.com/jacbop/mbot employee time tracking software
I would be willing to add something to this project as I think the robots are great, but the documentation and the minor bugs make it very difficult for the novice to work with as I see as I watch the less technical people in the group struggle to make them work.


My book ‘mBot&Me - vol I’ explains and demonstrates probably most of the thing you need to know: You can find this at:

Its a free download - I hope this helps.


Hey, I’ll help! I’ve already sent mBlock lots of feedback about how they could make it easier for new people, and so far they’ve improved quite a bit!