Who wants to work together to create a comprehensive guidebook for mBlock?


I’ve started a thread with some sample code. You are welcome to add yours here: http://forum.makeblock.cc/t/sample-code-for-mbots/3348


Sounds good to me!
Keep in mind though that we probably won’t just be adding samples to the wiki- we’ll have to add informative sections about what the individual blocks do as well.

Added your link to the first post. I’m planning on creating another thread where we can put odds and ends from a block by block standpoint as well.


Update to everyone
We have a new thread for articles about specific blocks! Check it out [here] (http://forum.makeblock.cc/t/block-information-compilation/3351)


I am in the process of making a set of worksheets for mBlock. I’ll use them in addition to a Scratch course for kids. Most of the worksheets are for use with the Me Orion and UNO shield with a range of Makeblock modules, DC motors and servo’s (and some about the mBot).
I’ll be happy to contribute.


Nice- I’ll add you to the list!
At the moment, if you were to dump mBlock related worksheets into @TechScience 's thread, it would be very helpful. If you have any information about specific blocks, add it to [this] (http://forum.makeblock.cc/t/block-information-compilation/3351) one.



Would love to help.

I was already busy making a dutch Wiki for this.
But better to combine the efforts :slightly_smiling:

Do you want to use GitHub to store all code/files/etc ?


I just looked at a source file and it isn’t in a human legible format. yuck.


Yes, that would be quite helpful, thanks for your intrest!
I suppose we could use GitHub to store files, but we definitely shouldn’t make the wiki itself there.


Any thoughts on where to put things?
In the meantime… playing with the mBot as a theremin.
mBot_theremin.sb2 (75 KB)


Check the top post- it has all the locations.


Sorry, blank spot. I’ll move it to that thread.


Alright, good news, everyone!
We have a GitHub repo for any code stuff that won’t work here on the forums. It can be found [here] (https://github.com/aptitudex/mBlock-Wiki).


An update:
@VOC_Electronics Has created a GitHub org and has (hopefully) invited a good quantity of you. If you aren’t invited, respond with your GitHub username so we can all group together.

As for the project itself, we’re at a standstill, so I’ve created a Google Doc that we can use to compile information for an article [here] (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BIPRsV8ngQK96MTa0Wo6-2hYYqZ_nyVq55M7vOnd-fs/edit?usp=sharing). (This one is an article about MakeBlock) It is open to the public for the time being, so don’t share it to too many people, that way we don’t have to worry about too many revisions in case of spam.

In other questions- we really do need a place to host this. We could code it from scratch and host it on GitHub using Jekyll, we could make a .wikia and risk spam, or we could try to improve the cluttered wiki.makeblock.cc
What do you all think?

Edit: Changed the article to mBlock since it’s more straightforward :stuck_out_tongue:


Would be like to be included in the development of a Guidebook.
I’ve been teaching robotics for over 20 years using a variety of platforms but primarily with the Lego Mindstorms.
I have also put together a number of guides over the years to cater to students from years K through to 12.
I’m also currently Vic Chair of RoboCup Junior Australia http://www.robocupjunior.org.au/tutorials see the Rescue tutorials.
These are designed to assist teams in starting out and not be a comprehensive solution. The students then need to solve the challenges in there own way from the guides.
I’m relatively new to MakeBlock but have been looking for an upgraded platform from Lego for schools to use for STEM, STEAM, STREAM related projects aligning them with PBL (Project Based Learning) in an effort to engage students to become critical thinking, innovative, problem solvers.
Hoping I can be of help.


@Tards57 We’d be very happy to have you on board! Thanks for your intrest!


My friends and I got M-bots for our kids for X-mas. The Dads have been playing with them also and my buddy did this https://github.com/jacbop/mbot. I would be willing to add something to this project as I think the robots are great, but the documentation and the minor bugs make it very difficult for the novice to work with as I see as I watch the less technical people in the group struggle to make them work.


Hi All,

This is a great initiative. I do have some suggestions if you do not mind.

I think its important to start with the basic Scratch 2.0 first (i.e. without using the mBot). This lays the groundwork, especially for those who have never coded before.

I have spent the last week getting to know Scratch and am now playing about with mBot. I found doing it in this way makes it all easier to understand, i.e. the mBot is just like a Sprite.

As part of the learning (and since I am expected to teach others the basics shortly) I am putting together a quick reference guide.

I also want to mention that some functions do not seem to be directly accessible through mBlock. For instance so far I cannot find a way to change the brightness of the LED matrix display. I have now added the Arduino extension and will try integrating blocks from that directly into the Script.I am mentioning this here because I really think that this “workaround solution” approach would really add value to the project.

I think you already have a good number of participants but if you need any help just let me know and if I can I will.




Hey everyone, I’m sorry for being idle here, I’ve had a lot of homework and such.

I think this is a good time to do a role call. I don’t know if we’re all going to participate so I think it’s time to touch base.


Would like to help out or even test it. I am a teacher and a rookie at scratch. I have a scratch club at my school and the students are teaching me. The mbot was added to the club, students love it.


We definitely need opinions and input from rookies and people who are involved with children.

(Well, besides me. I’m about as involved with chidren as it can get :wink: )

But anyway, it’d be really cool to have you on the project. Nobody has gotten back to me yet, but I’m going to give everything another week :slight_smile: