Where to purchase new XTool D1 main motherboard?


Hey guys I’m new here and new to the laser game. I recently purchased a XTool D1 from an individual on Facebook market place. Never once did the individual inform me of any damages and even sent me a video of it operating. Needless to say when receiving the D1 laser it was packaged very nicely as if it was brand new. When I assembled it everything looked good and it turned on no problem. I hooked it up to my laptop and placed a prepped tile under it. Found a place to download laserbox and was getting the itch to burn…. It didn’t work.

So then after getting frustrated I just purchased lightburn thinking that will solve my issue and I can get to burning…. Nope!

So after further research I found out that I had to flip the upload switch and update the firmware… well… the uploaded switch on the mother board is completely destroyed and makes the XTool D1 completely unusable. I have emailed XTool support and have yet to got a response…

Where can I purchase a new motherboard… please help!!


I would search on eBay, google store, and Amazon. You can also request help from them through email or at this link:

Thanks for your time,


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