Where to get mblock 3.4.12 for linux?


Hi everyone,

My school asks me to install v 3.4.12 to make some homework.
I’ve tried to download from the website, but it downloads version 4.0.4 instead.
Is it possible to have version 3.4.12 for linux, please?



Hi Leo

Your teacher possibly didn’t noticed that it’s not 3.4.12 that downloads. I suggest you try 4.0.4 and see if it does what you need it to do.

https://www.mblock.cc/previous-versions/ - this page has previous versions but it also only provides 4.0.4 for Linux so I’m guessing 3.4.12 is not available for Linux


Thank you,

At school we use windows, that’s why they’re using version 3.4.12. But I don’t have windows at home, only linux. I’ll try version 4.0.4 to see if it work fine for homework.

Thank you very much.