Where is the Analog Pin On Mbot


Im Trying to make a robot arm with the board so im using the pca9685 to power 4 servos at the same time but i need the wiring and i need to know where the analog pin is


you can find the schematic here:

also info on analog pin here

I have used the Me RJ25 adapter on the mbot for servos


the PCA9685 generates it’s own PWM for the control signals of the servos and it requires i2C comunication from the mbot not analog.

You won’t need to use a PCA9685 if you don’t want to as each port of the mbot is capable of driving 2 servos by either using analog write (hardware PWM) or by using the ardunio Servo() library that uses just 1 timer and an interrupt to create software PWM for the servos.


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