Where is the advanced menu!


I swear to you that I can not do more than so many problems that the software has. Now I am trying to calibrate the camera, and there is no ADVANCED menu item to access to.

What the actual F???

Please, make something work as it should, so many updates(problem with this aside) and still we customers/users have a really bad experience to work all the time, at least in our case.

Please, how I can access the advanced features to calibrate de camera?


Hi Mariana,

First, we are really sorry for all the troubles caused. Actually, we have sent you several emails wanting to help solve the problem but haven’t got the corresponding reply. We wonder whether you have received our emails?

Regarding to the camera calibration, which advanced setting are you looking for? Anyway, here is the video guiding do the second calibration and from the video, you can see that you can do the second calibration by going to menu->settings->General: Position calibrate.


For the update message pops up during machine processing, we are trying to solve it but can’t repeat such problem during multiple tests. As requested before, it will be very appreciated if you can help export the log immediately after such phenomenon happen again.Here is the instruction guiding export the log to you for reference if you are not sure how to do it.

Since you mentioned that there are so many other issues, can we have a video conference with you to check it one by one, in which way, we can understand it better and solve the problem for you fast?

Btw, May we know which country are you in and where did you buy the machine?


I gave up, try to fix this horrible software. Try to make a decent user info database so we can find stuff regularly without waiting your responses. By the way, who can explain to me the 3D option in the engraving settings??



Hi Oshin,

Here is the link with all the instructions for laserbox to you for reference.

You can find the explanation for different engrave modes in this link and the advanced settings will be available when a bitmap image is selected in laserbox software.


Now the calibration is not working as expected, image skewed and engraving fails at the top. At this point I will try to change this machine, the seller has to response. I will pay the difference but I need a reliable machine


Hi Oshin,

Do you mean it says failed when do second calibration with laserbox software?
If yes, normally there are some precautions which will interfere the normal calibration. It is suggested to read these precautions first and then do the second calibration.The precautions and suggestions when do the 2nd calibration.zip (12.2 KB)

Besides, if it is okay for you, could you take a video or some pictures to show your operation and the problem phenomenon, in which way, will be much better to provide proper suggestion. For better communication, you can also email to support@xtool.com.