Where I can buy mbot parts in Hong Kong?


Where can I buy mbot parts in Hong Kong? I prefer retailer shop. If it is only available from online shop, will it ship to Hong Kong?

Btw, I cannot find chassis online, where can I get it?
And I want to buy the 3.7V lithium battery and wheel. But I found there have two kinds of plastic timing pulley 90T, one is with step, one without. So which one is for mbot?

Actually, I found it is hard to match up the mbot part list (page 2 of user manual) with the items online, because there has no SKU for reference. I hope if it can post the all mbot products with SKU list, it will be much easier for users to find parts they need and recognize the difference.


Hi, Makeblock’s Hong Kong distributor is called Everbest., and you could find the complete authorized distributor list from here.

In terms of purchasing chassis and 3.7V lithium battery, we suggest to ask Everbest, they might have them in stock.

Regarding the mBot’s wheels, Plastic Timing Pulley 90T with step is the correct one for mBot.

Thanks for your feedback to our manual, we will keep improving our instruction! If you have more technical related concerns, feel free to e-mail tec-support@makeblock.com