Where Do I purchase Orion Motor Cables?


hi! i’ll keep this short. does anyone out there know if i can get the cables from the orion sockets to the motor sockets. iv’e done some research but no dice. anyone else got something?



to add on to above, i know that the mbot i am using is old, (its the starter kit, i don’t think they sell it anymore,) but it is very similar to the ultimate 2.0 (i think.)


@lol1234 Can you send pictures of both ports, so I can identify them? (RJ25, mBuild, etc.). Thank you!


@lol1234 Also is this for Stepper motors or plain DC motors?


The Starter kit has similarities to the Ultimate 1 kit in as much as it uses DC motors. It is fiddly but possible to make up your own cables using 28 - 22 AWG wires.

The plugs at the board end (shown above) are easy to connect but the motor connecting plugs are a bit fiddly. You need to source JST-PH2P plugs. Both of these plug types are relatively inexpensive.


@lol1234 @CommandeR I was trying to find out what kind of connection that is, now I know! Thanks, CommandeR!


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