When will the next version of mBlock be released?


When’s the next version of mblock coming? and what will it look like?
BTW I’m new to


Hello @lomov0 and welcome to the forum!

You can see the mBlock versions here:

Currently, mBlock for desktop is version 5.4.3. As far as I know, there are no updates planned for it soon.

The web editor (https://ide.mblock.cc/) is version 5.5.3, which was recently released. You can go to settings and click ‘New Feature Guide’ to see what’s new there. :slight_smile:

Not sure about the makeblock app. Mostly minor updates coming for it.

For Android and mostly iPads, the mBlock App is going to be redone in the fall this year. The new version is a lot better. :smiley:

Is that what you were wondering, or did you have something else in mind?


Well thank you for your outstanding reply, but I was talking about for the online community one whens like the next version for that?
@Best_codes can you also join https://teams.live.com/v2/ just so we can keep discussing about Mblock and how I can properly get to know it :slight_smile:


@lomov0 Ah, I see!

The mBlock Community doesn’t have official ‘versions’ but it is under development right now — it has no estimation for when it will be fully functional again, sadly.

Makeblock’s focus this year isn’t really website maintenance, apparently, so a lot of stuff will go down until next year. :frowning: