What's your favorite mBlock product?


What’s your favorite mBlock product? Choose from the list below and reply your feedback!

  • mBot
  • mBot Ranger
  • mBot Ultimate
  • mBot Mega
  • xLight
  • xTool
  • Laserbox
  • mCreate
  • Nextmaker Boxes
  • Codey Rocky
  • Other

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@CommandeR @Crackel @KakiIn @MurrayElliot @makeblock.lindingxin @AngieGrams (lol) @Best_codes (LOL) @PeterRoss @nilashis @Computerliebe


Der mBot 2 fehlt.


Probably the Halocode because it’s not expensive and I’ve used lots of other generic sensors. I did a lot of projects… Otherwise, the CyberPI but it is more expensive with the extension module.


Wählen Sie andere aus und geben Sie Ihre in die Antwort ein.


Sorry, I forgot those somehow! :smile:


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