What is this gap?


Hello. After repairing the laser box, I tried to use it, but there was a difference in the lid part.

How can I fix it?


Our suggestion is, put the Laserbox on a level platform, open the lid, and pull the lid slowly to the direction where the gap is larger. Make sure to pull it in a slow way.

The gap is essential to ensure the smooth opening and closing of the lid, but during transportation, the gap can be leaning to one side. So it’s common to see this kind of problem. It will not affect the performance but if you want, you can do to pull it slowly, little by little. Things will be better after the pulling.


thanks you. However, there is also a vertical shift on the left and right of the laserbox.


Hello, can you take a video and share to support@makeblock.com ? Video would be better to view and locate the problem


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