What is the Extension Board Interface?


What is the Extension Board Interface in this halocode’s image?


Maybe soon. I am also doing research for this module. it would be super though.

Bu görüntüdeki Genişletme Kartı Arabirimi nedir?



How does the product in that image relate to halocode?


esp8266 12f esp32 modules usb connection drivers (esptool.py v2.8) I think they have common notes and not full permission.

I wrote here to put together similar problems. The common points are that esp modules don’t have a free driver.

(for arduino)


Hi mesut,
I’m sorry that esptool is not supported in mBlock5, hope you can understand.



I’m asking the question what is the Extension Board Interface in the image shown, but what you guys are talking about doesn’t seem to have anything to do with halocode.


I’ve no idea, but if I had to take a guess, I’d say It’s most likely a diagnostic port for production line testing or some other un-developed hardware - it’s not mentioned in anything I can find online.


Hi dai5_jp,
You can ignore the extension board interface.
It is not designed for users.


ben ESP32 nin diğer dijital pinlerine açılan kapısı olarak düşünüyorum. Bir dönüştürücü yardımı ile pinleri tektek yönetebiliriz belkide ileride…