What else affects the positioning accuracy?


Positioning accuracy shows how big the error of positioning on one or another axis can be, and shows us within what limits the coordinate set by the operator can be located.
The positioning accuracy is affected by such factors as the perpendicularity of the axes and the quality of their performance, backlash from the guides, the rigidity and quality of the frame and a huge number of other factors.

We can say that the accuracy of the machine tool is influenced by:

  • The quality of its assembly,
  • the setup,
  • the components used,
  • unevenness of the surface on which the machine is located, etc.

It is worth saying that the frame of the CNC machine already shows a lot, if we are talking about CNC wood routers for woodworking. Many manufacturers save money on metal, do not pre-fire the bed or save on welding work, if we are talking about welded beds.


The links you provide are not very related to mBlock products, but still a great, interesting post! Try to make more like it for mBlock, not other brands, however. (That’s what this forum is for.)

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