What cools the chiller?


When a laser beam is generated, heat is generated in the laser tube. In order to keep the laser tube cool, a liquid circulates constantly. Usually a water pump is used to circulate the fluid, but machine owners often turn to a chiller for more efficient cooling.
The advantage of the chiller is that it consumes water more economically and unlike the pump is able to maintain an optimal coolant temperature regardless of the indoor temperature and time of year.

The quality of operation and service life of the laser transmitter directly depends on the proper operation of the cooling system. Excessive heating of the laser tube can cause premature failure and is costly.

The laser tube is a glass cylinder with a bulb inside. It has two fluid inlet and outlet nozzles.

In order for thelaser machine to function properly, 2-5 liters of water must flow through the laser tube every minute. This means that a very large water tank (60-100 liters) will be needed to provide cooling, which will take up a lot of space in the factory. In addition, the temperature of the water in the tank should not exceed 25 ° C - otherwise the production process will have to stop.

With a chiller this problem can not be, as the water in it cools by blowing air or with freon (according to the principle of the refrigerator). In addition, the use of a chiller reduces the water consumption by a factor of almost 10 and ensures continuous operation of the laser machine.


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