What bluetooth chip does the Ranger use?


What bluetooth chip does the Ranger use?
I am trying to learn more about the Ranger and stumbled upon a schematic.
It does not say what bluetooth module it uses though.
Is the Ranger open source?


Not sure. I have all teh mBots except Ultimate, so I’ll cehck my bluetooth chips and see for you. Also, you can use my bot here:


which said to

Yes, the mBot Ranger is an open-source robot kit. It is based on the Arduino platform, which means that its hardware and software are open for modification and customization.

The mBot Ranger comes with the Arduino IDE, which allows you to program it using the Arduino programming language. Additionally, you can also use mBlock, a graphical programming software, to program the mBot Ranger using a block-based interface.

If you want to explore the open-source nature of the mBot Ranger, you can access the source code, schematics, and other technical documentation on the official Makeblock GitHub repository.

Please note that while the mBot Ranger is open source, some components or modules included in the kit may have their own licensing restrictions. It’s always a good idea to check the specific licensing terms for each component you plan to use.



Ok. Thanks.

I do have the ranger and the Bluetooth SOC is covered with a mBot logo……
Thank you.


:slight_smile: It might be a while, but I’ll see about tomorrow!


(You might have to pry the cover off……)


I probably will… I’ve done it before to repair it, so it should be easy.


Main Processor:





So one of cypress/infineon…
I don’t suppose that there would be a schematic of the module?


Probably online somewhere…