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I emailed your kickstarter campaign on a few occasions to find out if you have a realistic idea of when we might get our orders?
The Airblocks were a gift for niece and nephew, as I though it would be a good educational tool.
The shipping was due to happen in Feb and now near mid June and we haven’t yet got the Airblocks or told when to expect them?
It would be very welcomed if you could be given a update, as it is very frustrating to hear that air blocks are available to buy out in the markets and shows (where makeblock have stands) and yet the majority of backers for air block.
Yet again looking forward to hear from you
Backer 3850 Kevin


Hi K2kev,

Sorry to hear about that!
I have forwarded the case to our colleague who in charge of this.
Our colleague will contact you by email, please pay attention to check.