Version 5.1.0


I have version 5.0.1 and there seems to be a new version 5.1.0. How to recover it for PC-Windows because there is a thousand version.

Versions: GA, RC3, Beta 5.2 ???


Hello Crackel,
You need the previous version?

GA refers to 5.0.1 version.


What is the most recent version. I would like to see if Halocode extensions are present as on tablets


V5.1.0 is the latest.


I do not want an old version but the new one.

Is there an error for the download?


It seems that your url is incorrect? Have you tried to refresh it? is what I tested. And I got V5.1.0


I tried on my Android phone, at home and at the office. I still have version 5.0.1. With Chrone and EI.


We’ll check and fix that as soon as possible.


It’s Ok, the version 5.1.0


Glad to hear that. :slight_smile: