Venting solutions


Hello laserbox family,

What do you recommend as venting solutions for your windows?

I have the pro with the filter but I’m wondering what else can I do to laser safely. Do you recommend any additional products?

I know there is remaining fumes after the lasering do you wait some time before opening the laserbox to get your materials?

@tech_support is there anything you could recommend. Thank you again


Hi Horaciorivas, we don’t have any official recommendation for it, but one thing we highly suggested is that to make sure there’s not big angle bending of the pipes, ensuring a smooth outlet and inlet of the purifier.


I added an additional fan to the outlet pipe. Something like this, its fairly quiet and stays on all the time so keeps venting after the Laserbox has finished.



thank you for making the community better.

ill let you know how it works. I got an air purifier, that i set next to the machine. hopefully and VOC and other fumes get trapped and neutralized.

I love my laserblock … also my lungs lol.



where did you put this? can you provide a picture please?!