Various bugs of laserbox and features you want to add


I have a feature I want to add to laserbox (software).

  1. Ability to erase overlapping lines
  2. Layer function
  3. Ability to add downloaded fonts
    There are others, but I will tell you about them later.


Hi dai5_jp,
Layers are a collection of elements such as vectors, bitmaps, texts, lines and more. Laserbox allows users to make adjustments on every single layer so you can change the engraving power and speed for each layer in order to create different effects. In the software Laserbox, the first layer you create is at the bottom, and the final layer you create is at the top.
Laserbox supports importing vectors and bitmaps. You can engrave or cut vectors, but you can only engrave bitmaps.
You can add layer in the working interface and design interface.
About fonts, the laserbox software using the system fonts on your computer.
When you add new fonts to your computer, you can find the fonts in Laserbox.

About the ability to erase overlapping lines, I’m not sure what exactly function you need.
Maybe you can send a example.


For example, let’s say you create two squares and put them side by side, as in this image.
At that time, the red line parts overlap. In that case, the part will be cut or engraved twice. By making this overlapping part one, work efficiency will be improved.


Not sure how much sense this makes,isn’t it better to draw the object itself properly in the first place than joining two rectangles/seperate objects?
Edit: Actually,you are probabbly talking about the trim feature that CAD software has?


It has nothing to do with the trim function of cad software.
And I don’t know if this is needed by everyone who uses laserbox software, but at least I feel it is necessary.
For example, when engraving on paper, if it is a bitmap image (jpg, png, etc.), it will be engraved from top to bottom, so it is rare to engrave on the same place many times, but a vector image ( For svg, dxf, etc.), depending on the location, you may engrave more than once. In that case, the paper will be cut unintentionally. We believe that having a single line will not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce mistakes.
And recreating the data is a tedious task. And laserbox should be easy for anyone to use. To do that, I think it’s necessary to have the ability to combine overlapping lines.
If you are not sure what kind of function it is, we will explain it in detail.


I think I understood,you want to be able to ignore two overlapping lines and make the laser do only one pass over them?


Thank you for understanding.
But do you think you need this feature?


It could be useful if you draw stuff using the provided Laserbox software,especially kids doing their own designs since the product is meant to be user friendly and easy to use even for newbies.


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