Uzbek language in mBlock


Hello, support and developers team of mBlock.

I’m a robotics teacher in Uzbekistan. I and my team realy inspired by mBlock (and also by makeblock devices). We’re creating the own lego-based arduino kit and robot with curriculum. In our country the Russian language is very popular, but there are kids with only native uzbek language base. We want to translate the mBlock programm (our extensions and devices blocks have the uzbek language mode - we use turk language as base). But we want also to translate mBlock interface, too. Can you offer us any solution to do it? Besides the local translation, we wish the mblock to has official uzbek language mode, like our neighbours: turkmens. We could even hire the professional translators for it. At least, you can advice to us, what file we can change to create local uzbek mode.

Thank you, very much.


P.S.: i browsed this forum and met the posts about crowdin project. Is it enough to translate the files in the link: to get official uzbek mode?!


Hi there:

Thank you for your feedback we’ll send you the steps later to change the laugage to Uzbek.


Hi Davron:

Because we don’t have English version for now so it takes several days to prepare the file of guidance it might finish in next monday,can you provide your personal Emial account? we’ll send it to you directly after we finish it.





Hi Davron:

Please click the link below to get the information you need and join our Crowdin project