Using the bluetooth dongle with multiple robots


We plan to buy a large number of ranger robots (>20) for a class we’re teaching. I’ve noticed that connecting using a computer’s built-in Bluetooth can a bit tricky, to say the least. Therefore, we were planning on buying Makeblock Bluetooth dongles.

Testing one of them, I found it very easy to connect. However, I wonder how these would work when we have 20 of them around. How can I make sure I connect a given computer to a given robot? Would the dongle connect to the robot that’s most close by (i.e., has the strongest signal?).


Hi dvderels,

Confirm with Makeblock, but I have multiple bots and only one doogle. Conclusion: I connect a robot but it’s always the same. It is not the closest sign. This is a google for a robot.

Makeblock will be confirmed as a precaution.


Hi dvderels, in your case, I think the best way is to connect the robots one by one(turn on one mBot, Bluetooth dongle paired, power off the mBot Ranger, then change to another Bluetooth dongle, power on another mBot Ranger and pair again). Once all the 20 Rangers are paired, you can then power them on altogether.