Using mBlock 5 mLink on Manjaro/Arch Linux



I am looking to use mBlock 5, as mBlock 3 seems relatively old and if I am teaching it, I’d like to use the latest version.

I noticed that mLink has the .deb and .rpm files, but I am using Manjaro, which does not support either of these two out of the box. Is the source available somewhere to compile from source? I checked the makeblock github, but did not notice any mLink repo there.



Hi emwjacobson,
I’m sorry for the trouble caused to you but we only have the .deb and .rpm files.
Hope you can understand.


Is the source code available somewhere to be able to compile from that? I noticed that old versions are available on the Makeblock GitHub, but not mLink.


Hi emwjacobson,
mBlock3 is open source but not mBlock5, hope you can understand.


You can install the .deb on Archlinux/Manjaro using debtap.

I actually managed to get mLink working on Arch. Unfortunately, there is no support for Bluetooth or for Wifi, only USB is working with the Linux version of mLink which was last updated beginning of 2018. The lack of proper support on Linux is really a showstopper for me.


I tried playing around with debtap a little, but wasnt able to get things to work. I was eventually able to extract it out of the rpm package though, and after putting the folders in the right place, it did work.

I only wanted to work through USB, so the lack of WiFi and Bluetooth isn’t too much of a problem.


mm, right, I forgot that the installation with debtab wasn’t completely straightforward. Looking at my notes, I can see that the software is indeed not installed in the correct location.

In case this is useful for others, here is how I did the installation on Arch:

  • Convert the .deb package to .tar.gz using debtap
  • Install the package using pacman -U
  • Update the app directory:
    sed -i ‘s|appDir="/usr/local/makeblock/mLink"|appDir="/usr/makeblock/mLink"|’ /usr/bin/mblock-mlink
    sed -i ‘s|appDir="/usr/local/makeblock/mLink"|appDir="/usr/makeblock/mLink"|’ /usr/makeblock/mLink/mlink