Using another IDE (Thonny, PyCharm) for mBot 2


Hi Makeblock,

I would like to use another IDE instead of the Python editor built into mBlock, e.g. Thonny or PyCharm. To access the mBot 2, I need to include the appropriate libraries (e.g. event, time, cyberpi). Unfortunately I do not find these on my WINDOWS 10 computer. What are their names and where can I find them?

I would like to upload the finished program to the mBot 2. How do I do that?

Thanks for any help.



Hi phg1

Very sorry about that,there are only Thonny or PyCharm IDE can compatible with mBlock now.


Hi lindingxin,

many thanks for the answer. That is, what I want.

But: Where do I find the libaries to IMPORT? Whath there names?

Hope, you can help me.



Hello phg,

Sorry for late response due to the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.

You can find libraries compatible with Cyberpi and the download method from:


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