User cloud messaging between Halocode and Sprite


Hi All,

As the subject says, I want to use user cloud message between halocode and sprite. From documentation the prequisite is login to mblock account and connect to wifi for the halocode. However, it seems the message broadcasting not always work. In fact most of the time doesn’t work.
Any advice is appreciated.
Thank you.



Hello apradityo,

Personally, I have 4 halocodes and this is not usual behavior. Let’s go there by step:

  1. Reset the “Firmware Update” when you are connected;
  2. The connection to your account is used to program and to have access to the instructions because once download, the halocode is autonomous. So if you managed to download the code, you are correct.
  3. Test a simple code.
  4. Pay attention to the instruction you use. I always use “Broadcast with value”, maybe the other “Broadcast” instruction is capricious?


A resolution in 2 posts, if the problem is still present?

  1. Makeblock service is unstable;
  2. The WIFI connection is installable;

Problem # 1 is virtually impossible to find without Makeblock. Problem number # 2 is easier. Create a direct WIFI connection to check that the WIFI chip is working correctly. If you have any difficulty, I’ll make you some code.

  • If not stable, one or more of the halocodes are capricious (see with makeblock)
  • If stable, create a code with WIFI reconnection. If it’s stable then it’s temporary because of the Makeblock service, otherwise it’s your WIFI router. I seem to have seen a user with this problem.

There … I am waiting to hear from you.


Hi Crackel,

Appreciate on your fast response. I have updated the firmware even I saw it has latest fw already. I changed the broadcast using value.

First attempt, still not working… then I’m not sure what I did, it became working… restarted halocode, still working… then I restarted my laptop, then aha… not working anymore.

was it my internet? then I tried the speech recognition, seems no issue. so I assume the internet was fine.

Then I started to think, perhaps the issue is not on the halocode, but the cloud broadcasting from the sprite/stage might be the problem. As you mentioned, you don’t have issue broadcasting between halocode. I don’t have 2nd device currently. Let me try if I have multiple devices.




Hi apradityo,

You only have one Halocode but I reassure you: Between Halocode and Codey or PC or between 2 PCs, everything was working fine. I admit that it’s been a few months since I have not tested but I am convinced that Halocodes is a priority for Makeblock because they are currently on a Kickstarter which uses them.
Kickstarter (Unfortunately, it’s too expensive for me in Canada)

I suggest putting your house WIFI aside and checking if you can use a phone’s internet sharing. I don’t know what country you live in but if you have another WIFI, you have to use it.

Finally, tell me more about your environment: Linux, Chromebook, Windows, Local Interface or Web Inetrface with mLink ???


I’m using windows and windows mblock application. I’ll let you know the result with other internet connections.
Thank you


I have tried using phone’s internet. It seems I got similar results… meaning one time it works, other doesn’t.

If I understand correctly the user cloud service is identified by the mblock account. That’s why you need to login to the account so the broadcasting will send messages to same user cloud service. Is this correct? If yes, the question is, how does the halocode know which user cloud service it should send the message to? We don’t program it. Or the account credential (or cloud key?) is implicitly uploaded and used in halocode?



Hi apradityo,

It’s not as responsive as a Playstation but it’s fun. You have to press 1 second or half a second but it works.

Code (74,9 Ko)


Hi apradityo,

To answer your question: How does the Halocode know your Makeblock account.
It’s probably with this code:

I try to understand the principle in another Post

If it’s by :joy:


Hi apradityo,

I will try to compare the Direct Wifi from the Cloud … In my opinion, it will be more responsive.


Code (75,0 Ko)


I found how Makeblock works for sprite interaction.
Makeblock does not go through the Cloud but in LIVE mode (USB).



If you are signed it when you upload the code to Halocode, the cloud service authorization is automatically entered. I think.


I believe that is the principle but I will try to understand better. Then I will post on the forum an explanation more implicate


Nice to see a discussion on user cloud message between Halocode and mBlock 5 sprite project.

I tried it in the past few days and encountered a strange problem.

I uploaded a Halocode project to send user cloud message every 10 seconds, and a sprite project that receive message and update local variables. Also messages can be sent from sprite project to Halocode to change the local variables in the Halocode.

The projects works fine, until it fail to send and receive message entirely.

I let the Halocode run for overnight in the office.

  1. After 5 hours, I open the sprite project at home. Everything is normal.
  2. After 14 hours, I open the sprite project at home. I can send and receive a few messages successfully.
  3. Then the Halocode suddenly fail to receive or send any cloud message! The Halocode is still running (the LED light keep changing, the touchpad and button are working). But it simply cannot send or receive message anymore!

Then I tested with the following setting:

  1. Reset the Halocode firmware, upload the project again. ==> doesn’t work
  2. Get another Halocode, use the same account, reset the firmware, upload the project. ==> doesn’t work
  3. Use the original Halocode, use another account, same Halocode project, same sprite project ==> IT WORKS!!
  4. Use the original account, send and receive between 2 mBlock 5 sprite project. ==> IT WORKS!!

My conclusion up to this moment:

  1. user cloud message still works between mBlock 5 sprite project. that means the cloud server can receive message from the original account
  2. Halocode of the original account cannot send or receive message any more. But for device to/from Halocode only!

After that, I tried to keep the Halocode using the new account on for another night. The same issue happens! In this morning, messages to/form Halocode using the new account are not working anymore! I’ve just registered the 3rd mBlock account, with the same Halocode, it works again!

That means, up to this moment, I have 2 mBlock account banned from send/receive user cloud message from Halocode (only).

Any comment on that?
And, are there any official support from MakeBlock that I can contact?


Hi, it is new that you conclude that your account was banned for user cloud messaging for halocode.

For me i think it’s how the halocode uses the account info (or cloud key?) to communicate to user cloud server is still a mystery. In my case, it is intermittent. one time it works, the other doesn’t. And not sure what I do, then it works again.


Current status:

Account 1:
Halocode --> mblock 5 : fail (failed after running overnight for abt 18 hrs)
mblock 5 --> Halocode : fail
mblock 5 --> mblock 5 : ok

Account 2:
Halocode --> mblock 5 : fail (failed after running overnight for abt 15 hrs)
mblock 5 --> Halocode : fail
mblock 5 --> mblock 5 : ok

Account 3: (created this morning, run for 2 hrs now and still ok)
Halocode --> mblock 5 : ok
mblock 5 --> Halocode : ok
mblock 5 --> mblock 5 : ok


Hi Drizzle,

I just started this test to check the cloud working with a variable. I use the cloud every minute. The Sprite sends a number from 0 to 11 to the Cloud and the Halocode retrieves the number, then stores it in a variable to then use it to light an LED.




  • The LED lights up for 1 second for a 5 second pause;
  • Automatic reconnection to WIFI in case of problem;
  • Lights up in green if it is connected to WIFI and in red if it is disconnected.
  • Theoretically, the problem number should be sent to SPRITE but it doesn’t work (Makeblock, could you explain it to me?)

It’s gone, I’ll give you some news tomorrow, but right now it’s super stable.


Hi Drizzle,

The first result is that I successfully crashed the instruction: WAIT Wi-Fi connected ? when my Halocode is connected to my PC and I play Worl War Z. However, it is super stable when plugged directly into a wall block.


It’s 10 p.m., and the Halocode appears to be frozen. The problem can come from mBlock and my PC which seems to be going to sleep. Tomorrow, I will test 2 Halocodes …