Uploading via the Bluetooth Serial Dongle


I may have got this wrong, but I thought that the Makeblock dongle could be used to upload a programme to a device:

I have been doing this successfully for the last couple of years when communicating with a device using mBlock 5 block-script programmes in ‘Live’ Mode using the dongle shown below:

However, I am now using the mBlock 5 Arduino Editor to create code and although these will upload quite happily and run OK when using a USB serial cable, the same code will not upload when I try to do so using the dongle. The upload hangs right at the end with the following error message:

The same happens if I try uploading from the Arduino IDE. OK when using a cable, but not OK when using the dongle.

The IDE looks like it is about to finish uploading but ‘hangs’ for about 60 seconds and then gives several timeout errors ending with ‘avrdude: stk500v2_getsync(): timeout communicating with programmer.’

Any ideas anyone? - Does tech_support’s “upload” reply imply when uploading in ‘Live’ mode only? - being tethered by a USB cable is so limiting.


Hi CommandeR, can you record a video to show the problem when it fails in mBlock 5? Please send the video to support@makeblock.com so that we can locate the problem more easily. Please make sure that the video include the part from you connect the device via Bluetooth Dongle and how you choose the port in mBlock 5.


Hi Tech_Support

Thanks for getting back to me. I have recorded and edited a video but it far too big (200 Mb) to attach to an email. I’ve compressed it as much as I dare & zipping it doesn’t help since I still get a 60Mb file. So what I have done is split this compressed file into four separate parts which I can send by email. These files will be uploaded to you shortly.



Hi CommandeR, we’ve received your message, and we will reply you ASAP after checking the videos.


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